Murillo Fresh Foods, SL is a family business founded in 2009, result of needs to get healthy and quality feeding for animals coming from a family group of companies.

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It has an all-new factory with the latest technologies in food, agriculture and engineering. The manufacturing is done using a single production line, only to ruminants, thus avoiding any cross contamination with other species feed. This allows us to offer a complete food safety for livestock and the final consumer. Keeping above all respect for the environment in the place where we are located.


Our production line, has the latest technology in feed manufacturing and process automation giving us a production capacity of 40,000 kg/h. All this, helps us to achieve optimal accuracy and precision in the various processes in the production of animal feed. Thanks to our technology to minimize human error and being on the side of the environment by reducing pollution.


Our strong commitment to continuous improvement has led us to create a quality department and R&D&i, highly qualified and experienced technical staff consisting of 1st quality, engineers, nutritionists and veterinarians. This guarantees continuous innovation, maintaining our company as a leader in the field of animal feed.

Raw materials used for the production of feed are all vegetable and mineral origin. We are known for using the finest market raw materials, avoiding products that can be different and less desirable substitutes for animal development. Ensuring the highest quality, from the receipt of raw materials until they leave as a finished product. To continue in this vein, the most demanding in food controls, has implemented a strict APPCC system, ensuring system quality and traceability. To ensure this, we conducted numerous internal controls and external audits by coworker laboratories.

Since its appearance, Murillo Fresh Foods, buying raw materials directly to the farmer both campaign as during the year, thanks to its storage capacity, and selling products already made to the farmers of the area. Offering farmers a higher buying value and a lower selling value, thanks to its proximity. All this gives us a strong boost both economic and social, keeping the local economy and giving jobs in an increasingly uninhabited region.


Our company has a strong international character, enhanced by its proximity to France, buying raw materials in short supply times in Spain (barley and corn), selling feed for different species both in bulk and in bags to French farmers.


One of the latest products in export, concentrating cores, have been used to supplement livestock feed.