Murillo Logistics L.C. is a public service transport company which arose from the need to satisfy the great and constant demands of Agropecuaria Santas Masas.

It has a new and fully equipped fleet to provide any logistic service despite its short life. We are specialized in transport. The growth of this business has gone hand in hand with the growth of its two main customers listed above and the provision of services to new customers.


This company covers a wide range in the field of road transport services among which include:

Living animals transport




Feed transports


IMG_0859 IMG_0860

Raw material transports


Fodder transport

We carry all kind of fodder in different size platforms. Thus we can offer our service to all kind of customers.




We offer our customers:

  • Future stability always offering a very competitive price and putting all the means that are at our disposal to ensure compliance and a qualified service.
  • We offer a fast and efficient service where our motto is compliance with the agreed time and care in transporting goods.
  • We have a great capacity for evolution, growth, innovation and adaptation.
  • We are known for our actions in transparency and clarity of communication.

Contact us:

Headquarters Tel / Fax: 974544635 to 974544600

Business Department: 645987967


C / Santas Masas, s / n.

22587 Castigaleu (Huesca)