Our company, has had the firm conviction that the development and growth must be based on R + D + i since its founding in 2009. For this reason, from the moment of its foundation we have invested heavily in research and product innovation.


It has been investigating in close collaboration with the Centre for Development of Industrial Technology, and the Faculty of Veterinary of Zaragoza on several projects, including “The effect of substituting palm oil for their oleins, and the incorporation of urea as a nitrogen source non-degradable on rumen function and production parameters in beef cattle. Important conclusions were drawn, from which have been able to develop some truly innovative products on the market, providing a clear competitive advantage to our customers against all the rest of the market.


Currently our R + D + i, continues working on new projects that undoubtedly will make a difference with our competitors in the coming years.


To this end, our technical work “creating team” with our customers, suppliers and partners veterinarians. All the combined work of this “Team” is what helps us make the best decisions that allow us to obtain the best results.